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Zero to Millionaire - Building the Foundation - January 2023

How did you manage financially through the pandemic lockdowns?

Most people were so busy with their day-to-day life, they were caught off guard when they suddenly found themselves confined to home. That’s when the panic really set in.

How would they feed their family?

They did not have other income streams, so found themselves at the mercy of family, friends and government handouts purely to put food on the table.  When supplies were available.

It was a tough time most people would prefer to forget.

 If there was one lesson to learn, it was that having other sources of income.  Income streams providing extra support to not only survive difficult times but being able to thrive.

Businesses Suffered

Like everyone, I was hit hard with the pandemic.  Up until that time, my business model was built around holding 3 or 4 seminars a year.  The seminars were held in different countries.  While there, I would be working with clients in a classroom environment.

I spent two weeks of every month travelling and living out of hotel rooms.

When the pandemic forced the shutdown of businesses, hotels and airplanes, my business model came tumbling down with a bang.  I could not work, so couldn’t bring in new clients.

The lockdowns affected many business.

Building A Foundation

I was one of the lucky people.  You see, many years ago, I learnt how to build Multiple Income Streams.  Streams of Income which grow and grow every year.  So, no matter what the economy is doing.  No matter, if the pandemic suddenly stops your business income, there are other sources of income ensuring there is always sufficient money to survive and thrive.

Building the Foundation, in anything, is key to creating a lasting legacy. 

When you build a house the stronger the foundations the better the house will survive any elements thrown at it such as rain, snow and strong winds.  A weak foundation can see the house letting in water, crumbling and collapsing.

Creating Financial Freedom is exactly the same.  The more solid the foundation, the more your finances will support you in difficult times.

I learnt, many years ago, how to build 8 different types of income which will grow in any economic situation.

This system, I teach my clients.  So, when the pandemic hit, those who had put in the effort to build their financial foundations found their income growing.  They found their overall wealth growing to the extent that they thrived during the lockdown.

The lockdown created lots of opportunities to grow wealth, to the extent that my clients, were not stressed over money and were able to look at all the opportunities around them and make more money.  Increasing their income and wealth.

Multiple Income Streams

Zero to Millionaire – Building the Foundation is a step-by-step process of learning, understanding and implementing a financial foundation which suits you, your family, your current lifestyle and your future dreams.

This practical course covers creating multiple income streams using business, property, shares, cryptocurrency, gold and silver bullion. 

You will learn the skills and strategies to be able to invest along with generating earned and profit income; dividends, interest; passive income; rental income; capital gains and royalty income. 

You will learn how to build a solid, stable foundation which can survive any economic situation.

End the fear of not enough money to meet your monthly bills and learn how to thrive and build your dream lifestyle. 

The Worst is Still to Come

As the lockdowns eased, the hopes of getting back to normal came crashing down. 

Many businesses did not reopen.  People lost their jobs.  Supermarkets, Restaurants and Shops have struggled to stock their shelves.  And when they could it was with much higher priced goods.

Fuel shortages saw long lines of traffic, stretching for miles waiting for a limited amount of petrol or diesel just so they could get to work.

Energy went into short supply and prices escalated to previously unknown highs.  Prices at levels very few people can afford.

Yet, a few people have learned how to thrive in this situation because they built a foundation of wealth that has helped them increase their monthly income month upon month.

Change Your Financial Situation

Starting today, you can take charge of your financial situation.  You can learn how to generate multiple income streams so you and your family no longer need to struggle financially.

Zero to Millionaire – Building the Foundation, is a 12-part courses.  Consisting of 12 modules, 23 videos and many bonuses there is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. 

Clients from month one have created between £211 - £1,000 extra income.  Simply by taking the steps outlined in Module 1.

Module 2 is about consolidating and growing upon what you learnt in Module 1,  Increasing the amount being earned.

Module 3 starts your investment journey into dividend income through shares. Showing you strategies that help not only your capital but start creating and extra income stream.

Module 4 introduces more strategies for making money through shares.

Module 5 takes you through the 8 different types of income covered in the course and introduces yet more ways to increase your income.

Module 6 covers precious metal investing such as, gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper.  It introduces strategies for increasing your wealth.

Module 7 is the one most people get excited about – Leveraging.  How to use other people’s skills, knowledge and money.  How to use velocity banking and pay off your home mortgage quickly.

Module 8 – we look at property investing.  How to invest in property with little or no money.  Both module 7 and module 8 are light bulb moments for clients.

Module 9 – delves into the world of cryptocurrency.  A beginner’s guide with some simple strategies.  One client sent me a message as he was so excited about doubling his money in one week using the strategies taught.

Module 10 – looks at the power of joint ventures through investment clubs.  Most clients join the clubs to boost their capital growth and future income.

Module 11 – covers the power of Peer-2-Peer Lending and Crowd Funding

Module 12 – is where you take an honest look at how much income and growth you have created throughout the year.

Targets for our clients is to reach $125,000 in assets and $2,000 in monthly income.  The success rate is phenomenal.

By the end of month 12 you have learnt how to generate 8 different income streams.

But there’s More

There are many bonuses built in and released throughout the course.

Goal Workbook – a simple system based on forward planning action steps to ensure goals are achieved

The Habit Tracker – if you are getting the results you want then change a habit and the results change.

Cashflow Workbook – a comprehensive workbook which helps you understand where you are financially today, how money is flowing, how to read balance sheets and profit/loss reports.

Share Portfolio Workbook – is a tracking system for monitoring the performance of shares and what price the share owes you.

Multiple Income Stream Planner – to plan and track how many income streams are being generated

Property Option Templates – used for Lease Option strategies

Yield Forecaster – for working out compounding interest returns

Financial Planner Workbook – is a combination books with motivational quotes, action planner, forward planner and success acknowledgements along with setting intentions and gratitude.

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Live Your Dream Lifestyle Now

When you take control and say enough is enough it is very empowering.  When you take control of your financial situation a whole new world opens up to you.  A world of opportunities and abundance.

It is a world where you get to live life on your terms, doing the things you love.  Creating memories.

Don’t let economic booms and bust dictate your financial situation.  Take control of your financial destiny and Build the Foundation to your financial freedom.


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Planning for the Future

It is easy to make money remaining focused on achieving the results are more difficult.

When you create your Why, Goal and Perfect Day you have more reasons to commit to your success

Share Investment Strategies for Beginners

Introduction to Monthly Income Dividend Shares

Advanced Share Investment Strategies plus Introduction to Trading

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