Wealth, Income, Lifestyle

Wealth Income Lifestlye

Wealth, Income, Lifestyle

Most people don't want wealth.  They dream of a lifestyle and having sufficient income to live their dream.

Karen has studied the wealthy for many years to understand how they create their wealth and discovered the Formula for Wealth.

Build a business and invest the profits into income-producing assets.

Putting this into practice she borrowed £300 on a credit card and turned it into £10 million in 4 years.

Today, Karen teaches clients the skills and strategies to be able to do the same.

Karen Newton International (KNI)

Karen Newton International (KNI) offers two ways to learn.  Either using self-learn training courses or through Membership Groups.


There are 3 Memberships to choose from

          1. Building an Online Business

          2. Building an Online Business plus Zero to Millionaire

          3. Building an Online Business; Zero to Millionaire plus Strategic Investing

Start with the Online Business Membership and upgrade as you become profitable.

If you have a job and don't want to start a business start with Zero to Millionaire Membership and upgrade once you've built a foundation of investments.

Self-Learn Training Courses

There are a variety of courses from starting an online business to building wealth. Choose the one most appropriate for your level of skill and knowledge.

Joint Ventures

KNI doesn't leave things to chance.  Your success is our success which is why we offer joint venture opportunities in business; share investment clubs and international property investing.

Karen invests in each joint venture opportunity. 

Today there is two million dollars invested in shares and property assisting over 200 clients to build their wealth, income and lifestyle. 

Financial Freedom

You can now achieve financial freedom and your dream lifestyle through Karen Newton International Memberships and Coaching Courses.

Get started today.

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