Amazing, I learned things I’ll never forget that helped me through the pandemic, sell my house with lease options and get rid of 25k debt. Grateful as always - Steve, MTS Ltd

KNI Mastermind - Strategic Investing Membership

In KNI Mastermind, we get serious about building income and capital growth and taking your wealth to the next level.

Membership to KNI Mastermind includes

Zero to Millionaire Course - A12-part course covering business, property, shares, gold, silver, cryptocurrency, multiple income streams and some of the skills such as leverage and compound effect.  This course provides a basic understanding around investing with joint venture opportunities.  This course retails at £697 and is FREE to KNI Mastermind Members. This is supported with live monthly training sessions direct with Karen 

Online Business Mastery Course - Struggling to grow your online business?  Online Business Mastery provides a pathway to building a website and monetising it.  The course retails at £497 but is FREE to KNI Mastermind Members. This is supported with live monthly training sessions direct with Karen

Monthly Customised Training - each year as business plans are created and presented in the Mastermind Session we ask our members what they need to grow their wealth and provide additional training to cover those topics most needed.  This ensures everyone gets the benefit of training to help them grow their wealth.  Topics covered range from Mergers and Acquisitions; Penny Share Strategies; Setting up Shadow Investment Accounts: Building Sales Funnels and more.  All come under our 4 Category investment strategy in Business, Property Shares and Commodities.

Market News and Strategies - Most people make the mistake of learning one strategy for investing and wonder why they lose money. Generally, it's because they are using the wrong strategy at the wrong time. This live monthly session looks at what is happening in the Financial Markets and Global Economies and identifies the best investment strategies to suit the current situations.

Joint Ventures - are the natural evolution from learning to putting into practice what has been taught. We offer Joint Ventures in Business, Property, Shares and Gold Investments with JVs to suit different budgets from £100 per month up to £100k.  We teach you how to invest and then support you every step of the way through the Joint Ventures.  Karen invests in every joint venture clients can invest in so you know these are tried and tested formats for uping your knowledge and skills.

Benefits of Joining KNI Mastermind 

  • Free courses with live training - Online Business Mastery and Zero to Millionaire
  • Joint Venture Opportunities in business, property, shares and commodities
  • Free books to support learning
  • Grow your business through Speaking Opportunities at our events - Formula for Wealth in January and May plus our Bootcamp in October
  • Member opportunities to be interviewed for our podcast channel - Let's Talk Investing
  • Book Collaborations with Karen.  Want to turn your skills and knowledge into a book.  Karen works with one or two customers per year to co-author a book.
  • KNI Mastermind provides up to 10 hours live training with Karen per month including JV training
  • The Membership has it's own community support group. 

Billionaires Lead the Way - We also look at the wealthiest people in the world.  How they started, what they invest in and how they became billionaires. It is a lot simpler than you think.

Guest Speakers - we often bring in Guest Speakers for our meetings who can share their success and how they built their wealth providing tips and strategies for their success.

If you want to grow your wealth in business, property, digital assets and commodities join KNI Mastermind today

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KNI Mastermind Community


You've learned the basics through Zero to Millionaire and Multiple Income Streams now get ready to take this to the next step.


Investing success is 80% mindset and 20% activity.

Get the mindset right and the rest will follow

Planning for Success - You Can Have it All

What is your dream for the future.  You can have it all when you put the right plans in place.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquitions are a great way to build your business empire

Boot Camp

Join a boot camp and accelerate your wealth

FREE ebook - Phoenix, Rising Above Life's Challenges

Best-Selling Book, Phoenix, Rising Above Lif'es Challenges is a semi-biography about some of the lessons learned from life and how they were overcome.

FREE eBook - Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a Legacy

his co-authored book reached #1 in 6 Countries, the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, France and Australia.

FREE ebook - Affiliate Marketing - Guide to Making Money Online

How to Make Money Online

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