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The Formula for Wealth

Do you want to learn how to build wealth and income so you can live your dream lifestyle?

  • Wealth comes from creating or acquiring assets
  • Income comes from the assets - business, property and digital
  • Lifestyle comes from learning how to build wealth and putting it into practice

We have a track record of delivering results just read our testimonials.

Welcome to Karen Newton International where we help you build wealth, income and live your dream lifestyle.

Available Courses

Members Only Membership

Wealth starts with building a successful business and investing profits into business, property, digital assets and commodities.

Members Only membership places a focus on building a successful online business and generating income.

Membership includes Online Business Mastery, Market News & Strategy, Joint Venture Opportunities, Books, Interviews and more.. 

KNI Mastermind Membership

KNI Mastermind is a membership site with a focus on building assets, income and wealth.

As part of your membership get free access to weekly and monthly live training sessions for Online Business Mastery; Zero to Millionaire: Market News and Strategies; and Group Wealth Training.

Joint Venture opportunities in business; property; shares and commodities.

Speaking opportunities at The Formula for Wealth Summit and more...

Online Business Mastery - Starter 2024

Are you part of the Online Business Industry yet?

In 2022 it was estimated that this industry turned over $80 billion dollars and is averaging growth of 10% per annum.

It's simply madness not to be part of this industry.

Yet, many people have no idea what they want to do or even how to get started.

Online Business Mastery - Business Starter, takes you through the process of starting an online business, building a website, creating content, attracting clients to your website, building an email list and more...

Classic - Zero to Millionaire, Build the Foundation

Why do most people fail to become wealthy?

Lack of knowledge; lack of understanding and unable to take action.

To build anything that is going to last, a solid foundation is needed. 

This self-learning online course covers different strategies for building wealth through

  • Building or expanding an online business.
  • Growing a property portfolio with little or no money. 
  • Generating income through digital investing
  • Protecting your wealth with hedging 

Do you want to make more money?

Quick Affiliate Profits

How often have you heard the saying, "You need money to make money"?

Affiliate Marketing is a tried and proven way of generating additional income.  Many people think they need a lot of money to start an online business but they don't.

In Quick Affiliate Profits learn how to build a business with no money and access FREE tools for getting in front of your potential buyers.

Affiliate Marketing - Sales Booster Strategies

Take affiliate marketing to the next level.

Learn how to automate your sales using simple sales funnels which build on the strategies taught in Quick Affiliate Profits.

Funnels are the easiest way to bring in potential clients and increase average client sales.

This course is a follow-on to Quick Affiliate Profits.  It is recommended that you complete that course first as the tools and skills taught in that course are not covered in this course.

Desktop Publisher - Writing, Publishing & Marketing Your Book

9 out of 10 people say that writing a book is on their bucket list.  Yet, very few know where or how to start the process.

This course will take you step-by-step through the process of writing and publishing but it also goes one step further.  It teaches the marketing side of self-publishing a book.  This helps you get the best results possible with your book.

It is a comprehensive course to get your writing project from idea to published.

Next Podium

Change is never easy.  When you're an elite sportsperson coming to the end of a sporting career, it can be even more challenging to think about what to do with your future.

With Next Podium learn how to create a vision for a new future, together with practical action steps.

Make the transition from sport to new career a little easier.

Let's chat about how Next Podium can help you

60 Lessons Learned

FREE - 60 Lessons Learned

I have spent a lifetime studying the wealthy of the world. 

I have worked with some the the most incredible mentors of our time.

60 Lessons Learnted shares some of the wisdom they shared with me.

Learn to Trade the US Share Markets

A Joint Venture Opportunity for clients of Zero to Millionaire.

Build a share portfolio investing in the US Share Markets.

Contact me for further information on how to join our investment groups.

US Share Investment Groups Online Training

For members of the US Share Investment Groups.

Online training for 2024 - Training times 9:00am - 1:00 pm

Dates for the diary

24th February

25th May

6th July

26th October

Karen Newton International Affiliate Hub

Become an affiliate marketer for Karen Newton International.

We have great products and commissions. 

Access our Marketing Packs with graphics, video sales letter and demo sales copy templates.

Everything you need to become a successful affiliate marketer earning automated online commissions 

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