Karen Newton International

What is your dream lifestyle?

We all have dreams but often set them aside as being unrealistic or not "grown up".

Welcome, my name is Karen Newton. I teach clients how to create the income that lets them live the lifestyle they've always dream about.

I founded Karen Newton International, a global education company teaching clients how to build sustainable wealth and have Multiple Income Streams.

Everyone has the ability to have the lifestyle of their dreams.  Few achieve it as they don't understand how to turn dreams into reality.  With the right financial education and a pathway to wealth already designed for you, you know you will get proven results. As long as you take action.

"Karen changes the lives of those ready to take action" says Marilyn, a client who now lives her dream lifestyle

Are you ready to start building your wealth and dream lifestyle?


Available Courses

Karen Newton International Affiliate Hub

Become an affiliate marketer for Karen Newton International. We support our affiliates with great training from experienced marketers and we offer great commissions.

Zero to Millionaire - Building the Foundation

To build anything, a foundation is needed.  Investing is exactly the same. This 12 part course covers online business, property options, dividend share investing, investment clubs, cryptocurrency and commodities.

A proven pathway to generating wealth.

Lifestyle Investor Magazine

Lifestyle Investor - How to Make Money and Spend It

A monthly magazine about what is happening in the markets, investment trends and news. 

The magazine also looks at some of the luxury items such as holidays, cars, jewellery and more...

And it is just $1 per month grab your copy now.

Zero to Millionaire - Income Generator

Strategies to Increase Investment Income

Online Biz Club

Online Biz Club monthly membership - how to build a 7 figure income in your spare time.

Shadow Investing Club

Learn how to invest on the share market through Shadow Investing

Zero to Millionaire - Capital Growth

The 3rd part in the Zero to Millionaire Series 

This looks at how to accelerate capital growth.

60 Lessons Learnt

FREE - 60 Lessons Learnt

I have spent a lifetime studying the wealthy of the world. 

I have worked with some the the most incredible mentors of our time.

60 Lessons Learnt shares some of the wisdom they shared with me.

Billionaire Booster

Once you've achieve Millionaire Status - using the Zero to Millionaire courses, this is the next step to growing your investments to the next level - Billionaire.

US Investment Share Clubs

Learn to trade the US Share Markets within a Club Environment.

Each club is coached by an experienced trader who has a proven track record of generating wealth through the US Share Market.

My Courses Available Courses
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