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Let me introduce you to “Online Entrepreneur” where the focus is on helping you to build a successful online business and invest the profits through our joint venture opportunities in property and shares.

My name is Karen Newton, I'm an Online Entrepreneur, Strategic Investor and Joint Venture specialist who has written several #1 best-selling books and gives international talks about making money.  This is me sharing the stage with Sharon Lechter (Co-Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) in Dublin 2023.

Following a serious car accident where I spent 2 years learning to walk again, I found myself having to give up my job in investment banking and find another way to make money - I started writing books and investing the profits.

I went from borrowing £300 on a credit card to £10 million in just 4 years.

One day a guy stopped me in the street, with one of my books in his hand, asking me to coach him.

Karen Newton International is the result.

Karen Newton International is a global coaching company that helps clients to build online businesses and then invest the profits in property, digital assets and commodities either individually or through our unique Joint Venture Opportunities.

We don't just teach you what to do, we hold your hand through our joint ventures so eveyone has the opportunity to become wealthy, financially free with a great income that lets them live their dream lifestyles.

The stumbling block for many is building an online business.  That where this "Online Entrepreneur" comes in.

Online Entrepreneur includes

  • Online Business Mastery Course - this course retails for £497 and is free to "Members Only" it helps you start an online business, create a website and set it up for SEO.  SEO is also covered as a separate topic including Link Building.  Other topics covered are Keyword and Phrase Research; Content Creation; Website Legals; Strategies for higher Search Engine Rankings; Formatting the Website; Working with AI, lead magnets, building email list and more.  Everything you need to start a business and go from £0 - £10k per month.  This includes live monthly training sessions as well as pre-recorded training.  Use this link to learn more about the Online Business Mastery Course
  • Market News and Strategies – in these live zoom calls learn what is influencing the markets, how it affects you and which strategies will work best in the current economic situation.  World events help to define future opportunies that may be a perfect fit for your business and helping it to grow.
  • Ebooks – free ebooks for business, investing, personal development and more.
  • Success Stories – interviews with past clients who have built their financial freedom and dream lifestyles along with other interviews from successful people.
  • Money Management – learn ways to manage and budget money
  • Online Entrepreneur Newsletter - weekly email tips to grow your business
  • Joint Venture Opportunities - joint venture opportunities in property and shares
  • Webinar Replays – keep up to date with the latest webinar releases
  • Discount Vouchers – get discounts to workshops, seminars, courses and new book releases and upgrades to KNI Membership.
  • Live Training - take advantage of all the live sessions and joint venture opportunities and you get approximately 5 hours live training per month.  Where else will you get so much live training for such a low cost?
  • Community - be part of the "Online Entrepreneur" community.  In the community you can ask questions, get extra support from members, take part in our challenges, be the first to learn about events.  It really is the inside scoop on building your business and growing your wealth.

The Online Entrepreneur memberships gives you inside access to the world of business and investing for just £9.97 per month.

Now you can learn how to build an online business and invest the profits into property and shares. 

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10 Resources + Community

Online Entrepreneur Community

FREE - Online Business Mastery - Business Starter Course

Online Business Mastery - Business Starter Course is free as part of the Members Only Package.

Money Management

How to plan your money for financial freedom

Joint Venture Opportunities

Joint Venture Partnerships are the lifeblood of Karen Newton International.  It is how we help our clients reach their goals and how they help us achieve ours.

There are 2 ways to work with me that are currently available

- as a member of our joint ventures in property and shares

- as a licensed coach for Karen Newton International

FREE ebook - Phoenix, Rising Above Life's Challenges

Best-Selling Book, Phoenix, Rising Above Lif'es Challenges is a semi-biography about some of the lessons learned from life and how they were overcome.

FREE eBook - Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a Legacy

This co-authored book reached #1 in 6 Countries, the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, France and Australia.

FREE ebook - Affiliate Marketing - Guide to Making Money Online

How to Make Money Online

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