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Most people don't want to make money.  What they want is the lifestyle that goes with having money to be able to live their dream lifestyle.

My name is Karen Newton and I have spent over 20 years studying the wealthy and learning how to create financial freedom.

Here, you will find courses designed to help you build multiple income streams so you too can live the life of your dreams.

Why Multiple Income Streams

You will frequently hear coaches say, to specialize in just one area.  Yet, during the 2008 credit crunch and subsequent recession, I watched property investors and business owners lose everything and file for bankruptcy through no fault of their own.

Other investors who, like myself, had different types of investments not only survived but thrived.

This is because, during difficult economic times, some things go up in value and some things go down.

When you have multiple income streams, there are investments that do well and other investments that go down.  So, when some investments go down, the others that go up provide additional income and capital growth so it is possible to survive and thrive.


Your Success is Our Success

How often have you been on a training course, felt motivated and when you get home nothing happens?

It happens with most courses.

Where Karen Newton International is different is through our Signature Course - Zero to Millionaire, Building the Foundation - you learn different strategies for making money.  Then, we help you create joint ventures with other clients so you continue to learn and earn.

We now have over 150 clients from around the world who are in joint ventures and

  • Growing Online Businesses
  • Trading the US Share Markets 
  • Building International Property Portfolios

Every step of the way they are supported through Karen Newton International.  In fact, we partner with most of our clients.

Don't just take our word for it.  Check what some of our clients have to say - testimonials 

It's Your Choice

It was a cold dark evening when a guy stopped Karen Newton in the street and asked if she was the author of the book he held in his hand.  He then asked her to coach him. From that very first client a global educational company has grown.

Karen's philosophy has always remained the same, offer great coaching at affordable prices then help clients to put into practice what they have learned through offering joint venture opportunities. 

With support all the way, you can now decide your level of wealth and live your dream lifestyle.  It's your choice.

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