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Online Business Mastery - 2024

Online Business Mastery.  A course for learning simple steps to create and market WordPress websites

Attention! Are you ready to unlock the secrets of online success? Introducing "Online Business Mastery," the ultimate course designed to elevate your digital presence and skyrocket your income!

Learn how to go from £0 - £10k per month with our simple tried and tested strategies.

My name is Karen Newton, I'm an Online Entrepreneur, Strategic Investor and Joint Venture Specialist who has several books that have reached #1 and I speak around the world.

This is me in Dublin 2023 with Sharon Lechter (Co-Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and her husband Michael Lechter who is regarded as one of the top IP specialists in the world.

I've been an Entrepreneur for over 35 years and worked online for 25 years.  I've learned a lot about what works, what doesn't and how you can build online businesses.

My life as an entrepreneur started with a car crash that left me spending 2 years learning to walk again.  I had to give up a high pressured job as a banker and find a way to make money.  I moved into Online Entrepreneurship to self-publish books.  

One day a guy stopped me in the street, with one of my books in his hand, asking me to coach him.  Karen Newton International is the result.

Today, Karen Newton International offers online training courses, memberships. joint ventures and events to help clients learn how to build online businesses and invest the profits into property, shares and commodites. 

But it all starts with learning how to build an online business.

Online Business Mastery takes you through the steps for building a successful online business.

This course includes

  • Realistic Targets for Making Money - most people want £100k per month today.  It is very rare for that to occur.  In this session you'll learn what the industry norm is for people who start an online business.  You'll discover that the longer the business is running the more profitable it will become.  
  • The Perfect Niche - what is a great niche for you and one that can pivot as your knowledge and expertise grows.
  • Get Indexed on Google - search engines are the backbone of the online entrepreneur.  Getting your website indexed and ranking high is essential.  Learn how to set up your website for Indexing.
  • Creating Content - whatever you decide to sell online, content is king and the best way to drive traffic.  Learn the steps to creating content that ranks well.
  • Internal and External Links - Links are an SEO strategy that search engines love.  It makes your visitors experience better and is one of the components necessary for good rankings.
  • Backlinks - gives your website more authority in the eyes of search engine bots.  Use specific types of content and other strategies to get good backlinks to your website.
  • Website Recovery - no matter how good your website and content is there will be times when rankings will drop.  This strategy will help you to recover lost rankings.
  • EEAT - learn about expertise, experience, authority and trustworthiness and why they are important for your website.
  • Social Media Marketing - some strategies to get your website in front of your perfect audience
  • Montetise Your Website - the main reason for building your website is you want to make money.  In this session we look at various ways to make money through your website.
  • Sales Funnels - what are they and how to create them without the need of expensive software
  • Lead Magnets - how to create lead magnets that attract the right type of customer
  • Building an Email List - despite being online 95% of sales still come through your email list.  These strategies will help you grow, nuture and generate sales.

This is a comprehensive course for building an online business and making money by going from £0 - £10k per month.

17 Trainings


Take a look around the course site and all the benefits available to you.

Mindset Key for Success

Mindset is the key to success.  This module explores some startegies for getting the best results

Realistic Targets for Generating Income

There are industry-average sales results when building an online business.  This module looks at what work needs to be done, time frames and income expectations

Find Your Perfect Niche

Everyone has a niche that is perfect for them.  In this module you decide what niche is best for you

Creating A Website That Gets Indexed on Google

Anyone can create a website but getting it indexed and ranked on Google requires some simple tricks of the trade.  In this module get your URL domain and create an SEO framework for your website

Creating Content for Your Website

There are many different types of content.  In this module, we look at the different types of content to attract traffic and rankings to your website plus ensure your website is compliant

Creating Links - Internal, External, Foundational and Backlinks

There are different types of links and each has a part to play in generating traffic to your website.


EEAT is an important part of how Google ranks your website.  In this module, we look at what EEAT means and how to create that on your website.

Monetizing the Website

Learn different ways to monetize your website.

Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets are an incentive for people to join your email list.  Learn some strategies to help grow your sales and search engine rankings

Building an Email List

An email list is the backbone of making money online.  Here we look at growing and nurturing your email list

How to Use Social Media for Free Advertising

Social Media is one of the easiest ways to generate traffic to your website.  Learn the right type of content for each social media platform


Useful webinars to help grow your online business

Trainings for this course 17
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