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Affiliate Marketing - Sales Booster Strategies

How would you like to increase your number of customers and the amount they spend with you?

Affiliate Marketing - Sales Booster Strategies teaches strategies for increasing the number of clients who buy your products.

Funnels are one of the best ways to attract clients, increase their retention and improve your conversion rates. 

In this module we look at Evergreen Video Sales and Webinar Sales Funnels.  Once created they can be set to automatic and only need monitoring occasionally to ensure they continue to deliver the right results.

When I first started selling courses, I would book a speaking spot.  I'd talk about my success, how I developed my courses and the benefits of signing up with me.  Sales were good.

When I tried to move everything online, sales fell off a cliff.  I then had to learn a new way to generate sales and sales funnels became the saviour.

The funnels let me walk potential clients through a process, similar to the one I would use when selling from the stage.  This allowed me to concentrate on getting more people into the funnel and generating more sales.

As more and more people go online, you have a bigger audience to attract to the product you are selling. But at the same time, you have more competition and need to stand out from them.

Funnels give you the creativity to be able to take your affiliate marketing business to the next level.

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