Amazing, I learned things I’ll never forget that helped me through the pandemic, sell my house with lease options and get rid of 25k debt. Grateful as always - Steve, MTS Ltd

Desktop Publisher - Writing, Publishing & Marketing Your Book

What's on Your Bucket List?

9 out of 10 people - that's 90% of people have writing a book on their bucket list.  Few ever achieve it.

Desktop Publisher Write, Publisher and Market Your Own Book, will take you through a step-by-step process at the end of which you will have written a book, published it to the Amazon platform. Launched it and know how to market the book for continued sales.

I started writing books in 2003 when self-publishing was a little more difficult.  I struggled with technology and everyone I contacted for help made it seem very difficult.  So, I resorted to printing the pages and binding them together to create a book.  Although the sales were successful, I was spending my whole time printing and posting books.  

Createspace which later became Amazon KDP was a lifesaver and allowed me to write and self-publish books easily.

Fast forward to 2022, I am the author of 25 books which sell in 13 countries. Three times number one, international best selling author with number ones in 6 countries. 

I know a little bit about writing, publishing and marketing my own books.

Now, I can share that with you.

In 2016, after several clients asked me to teach them about self-publishing I ran a one day workshop called Desktop Publishing.  Following feedback it became a 2-day workshop and then 3-day workshop until finally this 12-part course was created.  

Linda Hopkins says "I recently attended a Desktop Publishing Workshop with this lady. Wow, she really knows what she is talking about. By the end of the day I was so excited to take action with the tips and ideas she shared"

The course covers

1. Getting Started and planning the process

2. Writing the Frontmatter of the book.  You know, all the legal stuff at the front of each book, copyrighting, publishing, table of contents, acknowledgment and the order for printing

3. The part you are really interested in - The Body - this is the part where you share your story and knowledge with the reader

4. Writing the Backmatter.  This part covers the bibliography, reference material, credits for the people who helped you.

5. Formatting and Editing - whether you are writing a book, and ebook or both the formatting and editing is different for both. 

6. Designing a book cover.  This includes several software options or ways to get someone else to design your cover.

7. The process for publishing your book to the Amazon platform

8. Once you have an ebook and paperback book why not go one step further and create an audio book.  This lesson takes you through the process of recording the book and cover design.

9. Launching the book is one of the fundamental steps of marketing your book so you get the best sales results possible

10. Websites and Blogs are a great way to market your book. This module looks at some of the tricks of the trade to generate publicity for your book

11. Youtube and Podcasts are another way to connect the social media sites, websites and blogs together with the launch to build momentum and continued sales for years to come.

12. Once you have written and published your book you can turn it into what is the next step?

Sarah Nightingale says "Every time I attend one of Karen's events I come away with more knowledge and understanding. Patient, supportive and oh so knowledgeable.  Can't recommend highly enough"

When I first started writing books, I attended course after course and all left something out.  It was so frustrating after spending so much on a course to find the very thing I wanted was not part of the course or barely touched on the publishing side, that I was no further along with getting a book published.

This course addresses that issue - It has been put together as a result of feedback from clients about what information they wanted in the course.  For two years this course has been taught to clients who are now self-published authors.  This course will help you write, publish and market your own book.

Steve Gregory, MTS Ltd says "Just back from a seminar. What an amazing day. Lots of great advice, tips, expertise and faultless knowledge. I am looking forward to putting some of what I learnt into practice today."

Everyone has a story to tell and yours deserves to be one of them.

Let us help you learn how to write, publish and then market your own book.

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