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Beginners Guide to Crypto Currency

Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrency is literally that.  A guide for people who know nothing about crypto currencies and would like to learn more about this growth industry.

This course was filmed with a group of people who knew nothing at all.  They went step-by-step through a system and were soon able to look for currencies, learn how to earn income from them.  Get higher returns using more of the tools and products available.

Every client on this course now invests in cryptocurrencies opening up a world of investing they previously had no understanding of.

This course covers understanding the language; using wallets; connecting to an exchange; earning interest on cryptocurrencies; mining and more.

We are now in a world where everything you can do in the real world of finance you can now do in the crypto world. 

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4 Trainings

Module 1 - Understanding the Basics


Every type of investment has its own language and crypto is no different.  In this module we look at what cryptocurrency is; some common terms and platform to start your crypto journey

Module 2 - Strategies

In this module we look at different strategies to take advantage of cryptocurrency.  We also look at how to use simple charts to analysis an investment opportunity.

Module 3 - Supercharger and Other App Functions


The Supercharger is an investing facility that allow the investor to pool resources and earn altcoins.

In this module we take a look at past superchargers, the one currently operating and how you can be a part of it.

Module 4 - The Exchange

In this module we take a look at the difference between mining and staking.

The difference functions on The Exchange which can be used with or without staking.

Trainings for this course 4
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