Desktop Publisher - Writing, Publishing & Marketing Your Book

Desktop Publisher - Writing, Publishing & Marketing Your Book


Everyone has a story to tell and yours deserves to be one of them.  But where do you start?  What is holding you back?

The information you want to share is a very small part of writing a book and publishing it.  This course will take you through some of the key points for self-publishing.

1. It will take you through the whole structure of the book, From front cover to back cover.

2. It will take you through the process of writing and publishing it.

Once your book is published, fantastic.  But self-publishing also means self-marketing and we have that covered as well with practical steps to launch your book and get your book in front of a hungry crowd waiting to buy your book.

12 Trainings

Module 1 - Getting Started

Writing a book requires planning.  In this module we look at the things you need to get your book started with an emphasis on authorisations.

What do we mean about authorisations?  What material are you going to use in your book that will need authority from a third party and where do you get the authority.

Module 2 - The Frontmatter

There is a structure to every book starting with the title, publisher, copyrighting and more.  This is known as The Frontmatter.

This module takes you through each of the items which are contained in The Frontmatter.

Module 3 - The Body


Module 3 - The Body - tips and ideas to help you get the main part of your book written.

Module 4 - The Backmatter


You are making great progress with your book, having created The Frontmatter and The Body.

This module looks at the key components which make up The Backmatter of the book.

Module 5 - Editing and Formatting


Once your book is written the next stage is to edit and format your work.

This module takes you through that process.

Module 6 - The Book Cover

The Book Cover can make or break the sales of your book.  Here we look at different design options

Module 7 - Amazon KDP Publishing


This is the exciting part of the course, publishing your book and ebook.  This module takes you step by step through the process of publishing your book.

Module 8 - The Audio Book


Audio books are the next stage in reaching a wider audience.  This module takes you through the process of creating an audio book.

Module 9 - Launching Your Book


Self-publishing also means self-marketing.  This module will look at ways to get in front of your prospective reader through launching your book.

Module 10 - Marketing, Websites and Blogs


Marketing isn't just about a book launch.  There are plenty of ways to build an audience of people eager to read your book.

This module looks at some of the strategies you can use with websites and blogs.

Module 11 - Marketing, YouTube and Podcasts


Continuing the theme of marketing, building an audience of prospective buyers, this module looks at how to use YouTube and Podcasts to reach a wider audience.

Module 12 - Information Products


Writing and publishing your book does not mean the end of the process.

Your book is your calling card.  This module looks at ways you can be creative and get more results for your book.

Trainings for this course 12
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