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Build a Property Portfolio with little or no money seems unbelievable, right? 

When I started to build my property portfolio, I borrowed £300 on a credit card within 4 years I had £6 million worth of property.  Property I bought using a variety of different strategies one of which is property options.

Even today, I still continue to use property options to keep building my property portfolio.

Property Options are not new.  They have been around for hundreds of years.  Supermarkets and Building Developers are the biggest users of them ensuring the have the land they want before they get planning permission.  

This has been one of the biggest secrets around property.

In this course you will learn about different types of options

1. Lease Options

2. Rent to Buy Options

3. Rent 2 Rent Options

A friend who introduced me to rent-2-rent options has a portfolio of 16 properties which generate £77,000 profit per year.

A client, who is part of my mastermind groups, set up a company and has acquired 7 properties on rent-2-rent.

One of my mentors has 200 Lease Option Properties and his income is between £100 - £200 per month per property generating a profit of between £2,000 - £4000 per month.

Personally, I prefer to use options to continue building my property portfolio.  My own home, a beachside property was acquired through Rent to Buy Options.

Building a property portfolio is no longer the domain of the wealthy.  

Anyone with the knowledge and desire can build a property portfolio and quickly with little or no money.

Sign up now and start your journey towards property wealth.

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